Thursday, January 8, 2009

Ice, Ice, Baby

Finally, the kids are back to school. I am relieved and ecstatic about my day. But I am going to miss them just a bit. Even though my kids are teens it reminded me of when I was a stay at home mom and my 100% focus was them. Finding projects and things for them to do, making sure that they were fed and happy, and receiving satisfaction from their happiness. It was nice to pull those skills out and dust them off for a few weeks instead of just on the weekends or in the throws of getting homework, dinner, and bed time rituals done. Today, however, I will dust off my other life and get to work even socialize with other adults. Yeah me.

As I ventured out to take my girls to school, I found ice. Lots of ice and little lakes with bare patches to give anyone a sense of safety. But we still need to be cautious. A little car, dare I say Ford escort, weaved in and out of traffic with music booming. I am sure he was feeling a sense of liberation after being bogged down by too much snow.

He turned unto Dalton ave like it was a spring dash and was confronted with the new lake being formed at the corner. Going as fast as he was, the lake rose up on both sides like a boat in a wake. Two or three seconds, I lost sight of all his doors. It caused the car to slow and I thought it was going to stall but the car succeeded in its forward motion and broke free. (Now wait for it, wait for it)

The car pulled to the side and I passed it. I looked in to see why he stopped after his successful swim. Only to see a young man dripping from head to.... Seems Mr. Ford Escort was embracing the idea of a spring thaw with his window rolled down and his tunes blasting (I swear to god it was the song it was Ice, Ice, Ice Baby.) I didn't hear any music blasting as I watched the young man pull of his wet baseball cap. I had to keep moving because traffic was building up behind me and by the time I swung back to check on him and offer him a towel I keep in the back of the car for swim lessons, he was gone.

Lesson: Don't drive with your windows down, winter still has a few surprises for us.

Question: How do you get the song "Ice, ice baby" out of your head?

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  1. Sending you an inflatable dingy to use instead of a car :)

    stay warm and safe.......