Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My New Year's resolutions

I have missed posting on my own blog this last year. For personal and professional reasons, I pulled the plug on my old blog. In fact, I gave up any kind of journal writing for a whole year. I don't remember if I a made the choice or if life made the choice but I missed documenting some pretty amazing moments in my life. It is has been my habit the last decade to read my journal and/or blog postings on the last day of the year. I laugh, I cry, and I groan. But most importantly, I set goals for myself based on what I have achieved and not wanting to repeat mistakes.

I never realized how much I appreciated the time of reflection and relied on those rants and midnight delusional postings. Now I am sitting here and trying to organize the dysfunctional, faulty filing system that makes up my memory. I hate the fact that I am so adept at fooling myself and remembering things as they should have been than how they occurred. I am normally not prone to self delusional and I really do enjoy a good laugh at my own expense but I have always had my journal to remind me and slap me with reality.

So my first new year's resolution is to take the time to write and reflect on the little moments that make up one's life or more precisely my life. I will begin my blog once more. My second resolution is to never wear lime green again or a white bra under a black sweater when being photographed. Unfortunately, I do have a record of that mistake with copies outside of my control. And my final resolution is inspired by the girl scout song "Make new Friends." The song starts with this phrase Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver, the other is gold. I want to take time to remember my friends and maybe make time for a few new ones.

Happy New Year