Friday, March 27, 2009

Cut Off

A dark, dark day occurred several weeks ago. My computer crashed and I was left stranded without a google lifeline. It was not until these last few weeks that I have realized how dependent I have become on the internet and my computer. I attempted to visit the library and use my friends' computers but it was not the same. I love my desk, my chair, my computer, and my routine. When I sit in my black leather chair with my feet on top of my fuzzy foot stool, I have come to realize this is my comfy spot.

About a week into my isolation, I considered going cold turkey or cheating and purchasing another computer but I was resolved to experience this crisis. Yes, I missed my social networking, my blogging, and my up to the minute emailing but it was my work that I struggled the most to complete. However, thanks to old school education. I called people instead of emailing. I used a phone book instead of googling. I actually typed a letter on an old electric typewriter hidden in my closet then faxed it. I mailed my bills and went to the bank. I looked people in the eye and I stepped away from my leather office chair. I survived.

As I fondly rub the side of my computer and welcome it back. I promise to not to take it for granted again and at the same time, I plan to walk away more often. It was nice to see the sky in reality not framed in an 18 inch screen.