Wednesday, February 4, 2009

In Denial

I was barely in the door last night when my oldest daughter, Princess came flying around the corner. The glow that was exuding from every pore of her being hinted at good news. I was numbed from a day of talking budgets and back to back meetings. Princess opened her mouth and spilled out a story. I stood there and blinked at her. I will admit all I heard wahwahwahwah like the teacher in a Peanuts cartoon. Side note: Have you noticed the ability teenage girls have to speak at an abnormal rate?

Back to story: I said okay slow down and start over. Now dear readers brace yourself. I am going to share her fabulous news and our conversation to the best of my ability. To fully visualize this experience think 1980's movie, now cue valley girl......

Princess: You know that guy that sits in front of me in French. You know the really cute one that just moved here this year and flirts with me. You know the one I have an uber crush on him. Last week, he reached behind and asked for my hands and like pulled me towards him then hugged my hands, remember? He has curly hair and blue eyes and this cute athletic body. The really hot sophomore. (Insert some girls name I can't remember here) said that she thinks its funny that I blush when I talk to him. But not in bad way that looks like I have hives but in a cute way that makes my cheeks pink. He asked me for my phone number. (one second delay for deep breath) He said that he and his friend (again any boy name insert here) are going to the movies this Friday and want me and that girl that sits on the side of the classroom with the red hair. You know the one that went to that thing with me and we bought those drinks. Oh yeah, (girl name). I think she came to my 5 year old birthday party and gave me that Christmas barbie doll, I have on my corner shelf. You remember her, she kept calling you teacher. (5 or 6 second pause as she waits for my response and takes a breath)

Mom: Ahh, ummm, sure I remember her. ( I have no blipping idea but pretend I do with the hopes she will continue and get this over with so I can go to bed. Princess continues to stare at me so I feel compelled to say something, anything.) The pretty barbie with the red dress? (Princess nods head but continuous to stare adding a weird grin to face. I walk over to get a drink of water, trying to stall her as I replay conversation. Oh crap, I just realized that she has informed she has been asked on a date. I turn to face her trying to cover my panic with a smile) So you have been asked on your first date?

Princess: Yes, he said that it would be fun. He walked me to my next class and we talked about what movie we should see and if I needed a ride. But I remembered on the way home from school today when I was talking to
(insert girl name) that I can't go Friday night because I have a game and I can't go on Saturday because I have a competition. Sunday, I have to work. How am I going to tell him that I am busy? Do you think he will think that I don't like him? (Pause for gasp of breath) Should I call him? He put his number in my cell phone. Or should I text him. Nobody emails anymore so I can't email him. I won't see him at school on Thursday because I have to go that thing for my club. Oh, did you dry clean my dress? Maybe, I will have my friend, B----- tell him I am busy. Do you think he will believe it? I ooops (Princess looks at cell phone in her hand) that is B---- texting me. Can you take me to school early tomorrow? (Turns back to me and leaves room) Great your the best. Love ya. (valley girl exits stage right and mom looks for wine. )

I dodged a missile this week. I am in denial about the real age of my child. I still see the pink cheek delight that she was not the hottie I have been informed she has become. I am sure that in the next week I will have to take a direct hit and allow my teen to date. God help me. Do I think she is mature enough and has a great head on her shoulder? Yes. Did I know this day was coming? Yes. But I had hoped that she intimated boys so much that I would have more time.


  1. Sooooo sorry, Sparky. Sucks to be you. But at least you made me feel better to be me with my five year old girl who I will hug extra tight tonight. And I will be sure to plaster on a smile when she tells me of Scotty who is her kindergarten sweetie.

    The crushes were probably always there. It's the ramifications that change as the kids grow up.

  2. MamaJD:I am comfortable in my world of denial...

    S.S. Herb: Yes the blond bombshell you saw is my daughter. Please pray.


  3. Lets do an arranged dating thing with one of my lads, that way we can trust them both LOL.... :)

    The things us mums have to go through......


  4. I love my mother more and more each day!